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Loida - Lydia has been a true angel! She has been able to help my mom when no one else could. Her hands are truly magical. In a short amount of time she can leave you feeling brand new.

LM - A Great Massage! It eases my muscular soreness post workout. Lydia is knowledgeable and committed to helping her clients. Strongly recommend it!

K Barnett - Lydia gave me the best massage I have ever had! I walked away feeling so much better and 100% tranquil. Her touch is simply amazing!

Three Angels Clinic - D Marshall - I entered my session with a severe headache and back pain. She was awesome! Headache was 50% better within 30 minutes. She has strong hands and releases those points on the spot.

J Falkowski - Having had shoulder surgery several years ago, I was experiencing pinching and pain. I suspected I had re-injured them again. In a last attempt before going to see my surgeon, Lydia was referred to me. I gave her therapy a try. After 5 sessions the pinching in my  shoulders is gone. They feel much stronger than before.

Healing the World ... One Touch at a Time!
Lydia Serrano 

I've served the medical community for over 25 years, enhancing my education I've earned an Associate of Science degree in Therapeutic Massage 

 My Board Certification allows me to serve my community with the highest 
standards in the massage industry.

It is my mission to assist every patient by promoting healing to your ailing body.

 I'm passionate about my work! 

I truly believe the healing benefits therapeutic massage has to offer.

Therapeutic Massage releases stress and helps you get a better night sleep…

So why wait?

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